Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The right focus!

I am really enjoying all the new doors that have been opened up to me as an educator since I started playing with this blog, reading other educator blogs, and twittering.  It seems like there is a never ending stream of new ideas and resources now flowing into my world.  During my cyberspace travels I keep seeing the phrase "personal learning network" being thrown around, and I really could not agree more with this assessment.  While I am reading and browsing through my new found personal learning network I always take the time to check out new Web 2.0 sites that I see mentioned.

Tonight I was reading and clicking through some links and I ended up at Jonathon Wylie's Top 10 Wordle Lessons.  You can find this resource here:  His blog peaked my interest so I decided to visit and play for a bit.  To see wordle in action I entered the product of the "One Class, One Paper..." project I did with my students, and a link to this blog.  I spent some time looking at these wordle webs thinking about what they mean and how they might be used in the classroom.  Both wordle webs are pictured in this entry.

I finished this little 2.0 experience with two thoughts.  One, I should share this resource with a specific teacher in my district who I can see putting it to great use.  What better way to promote using these technologies in our own districts than by sharing what we learn online?  Two, I am very happy to see that the word "students", apparently the more a word is mentioned in the input the bigger and brighter it will be, was the predominant word on my blog's wordle web.  I am very new to this blogging thing, but apparently I am getting one thing right and have not lost sight that students should always be our main focus.

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