Saturday, May 8, 2010

Demonstrating Mitosis Using Digital Flip Books


Students normally do not have trouble understanding that mitosis is the process of cell division.  They can even memorize what happens in each phase and identify representative pictures.  I wanted to come up with an activity that would help them to see that this was a fluid process and would allow them to demonstrate their understanding.  Last year, during our mitosis unit, I was speeding through a bunch of pictures I took of a clay figure with my iphone when I was hit with the idea behind this lesson. 


This lesson was done with two general biology classes.  70% of the student population in the first class are ESL students and 42% of the student population in the second class are learning support.  Both classes have learning support and ESL students.  The students did an awesome job with this project and I really felt it ended up being the best unit I taught all year.

Technology Requirements:

Digital Cameras - I gathered cameras from around the school and many students brought personal cameras to class as well.

Tripods - This lesson is much easier if they have tripods to mount the cameras.  Ring stands from the chemistry room might be a suitable substitute as well.  I found a quick email to the faculty provided me with all the loaner stands I needed.

Microsoft Movie Maker - This program worked well for this project.  Just make sure to change the default time for still pictures before adding them to the movie.  Otherwise you have to do each by hand.  Many of my students had over 80 pictures. 


Pre-activity Graphic Organizer
Digital Flip Book Handout
Digital Flip Book Rubric

Student Samples: